Because None Of Us Have Time

Often, the rebuttal to cooking  is, “I would love to! But I have no time.” As my own life shifts from graduate student to a full time office folk, I can commiserate.

So I thought I would direct you busy people (and remind myself) of the “fast” category on my blog (over there on the right side). These are recipes you can pull together the night before work or in about ten-fifteen extra minutes in the morning. Also, some thoughts about fast cooking:

1) It helps to plan. Menu planning can feel a little OCD, but I learned a lot from local food writer Kathleen Bauer in this post.

The post on her blog, GoodstuffNW suggests cooking big batches of dishes that don’t require a lot of effort on your day off. That way, you have something you can reach for each night when you get home, or on your way out the door in the morning. Lately for me, that’s been a big batch of beans (cooked on the stove-so cheap & much more flavorful than canned), a batch of steel cut oatmeal, and usually some kind of seasonal produce (last week it was green beans with shallots, garlic, white wine and tomatoes).

2) Don’t be afraid to be simple. Just because you don’t have an hour to pull together a 50 step recipe with 35 ingredients doesn’t mean your food won’t be great. The best meals embrace simplicity, anyway like toast with garlic and a fresh tomato, or popcorn with olive oil and salt.

3) On the other hand, creativity is your friend. There is absolutely no need to stick to traditional. While leftover roasted vegetables, brown rice and soy sauce may not show up on a brunch menu anytime soon (or maybe it will, this is PDX after all), if it fills you up til lunch, it’s okay by me.

What are your go-to busy meals/ or what do you wish you knew how to prepare quickly?


3 thoughts on “Because None Of Us Have Time

  1. I always make salads when I don’t have time. I usually wash lots of lettuce and keep it around for the week. That way all I have to do is chop up some raw veggies or toss whatever else I want on the salad. I also love BLT + A&E. Bacon, lettuce, tomato, avocado, and fried egg. SO delicious! Those are just a couple quick dinners I like to throw together.

  2. Love it! I work full time & and juggle writing my blog (and so much more). Time saving reminders are always welcome. My quick/easy meals usually involve either rice & beans (with toppings grabbed from the fridge) or pasta with fresh pesto (made from whatever is in the garden)!

  3. “Because none of us have time.” So cleverly stated. I used to make weekly batches of food all the time – huge pots of pasta, or soup or the like. Less so in the summer. (PS: I welcome any Portland food suggestions!)

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