A Nice Tall Glass

Although this summer hasn’t been blazing hot (at least not on the west coast), it’s always nice to have something refreshing to drink. These are non-alcoholic options, but feel free to enjoy these with a splash of gin or vodka.

Watermelon “soda”
1 cup watermelon, chopped and seeded
1/2 cup cold water
3/4 cup mineral water, club soda or tonic

Blend watermelon and a little bit of cold water together for a few minutes until smooth. If you don’t like pulp, strain the mixture.

Next, add the mixture to a tall glass and add mineral water. Garnish with a mint sprig or a lime. If it needs sweetness, add some honey or agave nectar, but it most likely won’t need it. Serves one.

Herb Ice
1/4 cup of herbs of your choice: mint and basil are a fine combination; cilantro works well also.

Either chop up herbs or tear them with your fingers and place one or two small pieces in each ice cube compartment. Fill with water like you would with regular ice.

When ice cubes are done, serve with mineral water and a lime if you have one. Serves 2–4 people.

Cucumber Ice
1/4 cup sliced cucumber

Make the same way you would with the herb ice.

When finished, serve with herb ice, water (mineral or flat), and a sliced and seeded serrano pepper for some kick.

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